Moringa  with Malnutrition:

Malnutrition is a major factor in the often high rates of infant mortality in the tropics and sub-tropics. Essential nutrients are very important for Malnutrition. Moringa leaves are most nutritious part of the Moringa tree. Gram per gram our Moringa Oleifera provides

  • 9 times the iron in Spinach,
  • 14 times the Calcium in milk,
  • 2 times the vitamin A in carrot,
  • 2 times the protein in yogurt,
  • 4 times the potassium in bananas,
  • 4 times the fiber in oats,

It is very rare for a vegetable to contain all of these nutrients.Moringa contains many essential vitamins and minerals and antioxidant properties and it is an excellent source of greens.
We are the manufacture of Moringa Oleifera products such as Moringa Oleifera leaf powder, dip tea, capsules, oils, shampoos and Body washes.


Moringa Oleifera provides

  • 9 times the Iron in Spinach
  • 14 times the Calcium in milk
  • 2 times the Vitamin A in carrot
  • 2 times the Protein in yogurt
  • 4 times the Potassium in bananas
  • 4 times the Fiber in oats